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Horses, wheelchair, horse riding, juvenile fiction, picture book, therapeutic riding, special needs children

On Top of the World
by Lorie Stevenson

Missy is a little girl with a big dream: she wants to see the world from higher up.

Her father is an airline pilot. He gets to see the world from higher up all the time. But, Missy needs a wheelchair to go everywhere. How could she see the world like her dad does?

Then one day, Missy and her family go to the circus and her dream changes a bit—maybe she could see the world from up high. On top of a horse Missy could feel on top of the world! And people would need to look UP into her big blue eyes instead of down at the top of her head. Eye-to-eye, that would make Missy very happy.

So come, let’s see if Missy does find her dream!

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With On Top of the World, Lorie Stevenson has achieved her dream of publishing a book with a message. Lorie has long had a passion for writing and horses. She now resides in Victoria, British Columbia with her daughter, Shelby, who was born with a very rare chromosomal condition known as Tetrasomy 18p. Having grown up riding horses herself, Lorie introduced Shelby to weekly therapeutic riding lessons to help her balance and strengthen her back. Now Lorie and Shelby enjoy riding lessons together—on top of the world!


Lorie Stevenson
JP Roberts

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