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Serial killer, Orphanage, Vancouver, Black widow, Forensic scientist, Geocaching, Africa

Widow's Luck
by Lin Weich

Behind her back they call her “The Black Widow”.

Daphne McNeil has been widowed four times in ten years. Each time, her husbands have left her considerable sums of money. She finds that she must use these inheritances to support her beloved charities. The money does not go far enough and with increasing financial pressures, she becomes desperate.

When Steve Johnson, a forensic scientist, discovers human remains in an isolated lake near Daphne’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, he unwittingly puts himself in danger.

He begins to suspect the beautiful widow is not as innocent as she seems. Will he become her next victim?

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Lin Weich grew up in West Africa and has lived in various places in both eastern and western Canada. She now resides in Quesnel, British Columbia with her husband Brian.

Her kayaking adventures, teaching experiences, outdoor activities and travels have influenced the substance and voice of her stories.

Suspense novels by Lin Weich include: Strength of an Eagle, Half-Truths, Total Lies and Alone.



Lin Weich

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