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Decline cover


Dystopia fiction, Dark fiction, Post-apocalypse, Horror, Survival, Tragedy, Memory

by Jared Kane

A whirlpool of crows

Swirls above, justifying

Our murderousness

The world is a quiet place now. The streets are choked with dust and the ruins of civilization; the horizon is bleak in every direction. There are only a few survivors left. Occasionally, the silence is broken with cries of violence as the corrupted remains of humanity feed off the living. There is no longer any distinction between suffering and survival.

The end came suddenly, followed by the agony of slow deterioration that now defines the existence of Kane’s nameless narrator. Along his way he will meet other survivors with whom he will experience moments of joy, grief, cruelty, and love, all of which merge into greater discoveries about the value of life.

Through beautiful and disturbing imagery and characters who will haunt the reader with their passionate, tortured personas, Kane tells a story of the post-apocalyptic world as it has never been seen before. There is terror and slaughter, and there is stillness and peace that can transcend all pain. From its gripping introduction, Decline is a stunning contemplation of the capacities of the human spirit to endure and make meaning when surrounded by death.

For Jared Kane, writing is an outlet for exploring philosophy and the nuances of the human experience. Characterized by vivid imagery, surrealism, and the subversion of time and space, Kane’s extraordinary style evokes profound emotion while also uncovering universal truths. More than accolades and recognition, Kane hopes that his work will resonate with his readers, bringing personal and shared awareness. Kane currently resides in Canada, writing to fulfill greater creative pursuits. Decline is his first novel.


Jared Kane

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