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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Fantasy, Make believe, Fairy tale, Children, Magic, Imaginary world, Pretend

The Garden Crew
by Carolyn Harris

Adorable little characters come together to save their most prized possession- their garden. In the beginning, they are full of doubt about themselves. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and abilities. However, they work together as a team and accomplish something amazing!

Elementary Literacy Inc. is a NB based non profit organization that is seeking to increase literacy levels among elementary students by pairing them with community volunteers to work on mastering foundational literacy skills. Reading 20 minutes a day is the very best way to ensure future literacy success. By purchasing and reading this book, you are helping to ensure more young people are learning to read well.

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Carolyn Harris a retired teacher, was born in McAdam, but now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick. This book was inspired by her grandson, Luke Ross-Harris. The characters are very similar to Luke’s vision, with one exception. They don’t have super powers! But each of the characters have a special talent. With lots of courage, they make their dreams come true! Perhaps that is a lesson for us all! Carolyn hopes her books will not only entertain young children, but will also teach them about friendship, courage and self - worth. She is pictured with the Garden Crew. Broccolita, a diva broccoli, will be introduced in the second book, “The Garden Crew Go to the Farmers’ Market.” Carolyn feels all eight characters have become part of her family. She hopes they will become part of yours, too.


Carolyn Harris

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