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Irish Harp, Singing, Nellie, Illness, Recovery, Sadness, Bird friend

The Silence of Nellie
by Kitty Sullivan

What magic has brought me to this!

To fill a blank piece of paper with the words

and music of my Life.

I have always been a performer:

musicals, plays, and harp and voice programs.

My husband was a wonderful actor

from Dublin, Ireland.

I have two stepsons,

one in Dublin with three children,

my grandchildren,

my other son in Brighton, in England.

And now I am sharing with you in a different way.

We are sharing through the eyes and ears and voice

of wise and witty little Nellie, my harp.

Nellie is our storyteller.

She makes us laugh. She dries our tears.

She brings us back to Love

when we have lost our way.

Many adventures! Lots of music! Enjoy!

Love, Kitty

Kitty Sullivan photo

Hello boys and girls!

My name is Kitty, or My Lady as Nellie calls me.

Nellie and I are so happy to meet you.

Thank you for reading our story.

This is our very first story which I hope will bring you comfort

When Life can become a challenge.

Nellie and I have had a lot of adventures,

so we have many stories and songs to share with you.

And all of our stories are real. They really happened.

You’ll meet our Family and travel the world with us.

You’ll meet Violet who paints our world in beautiful pictures.

You’ll be our new Friends. We love making new Friends.

And Seamus, our special birdfriend will

always look after us.

So, until we meet again…………….

Love from us both,

(Seamus too)



Kitty Sullivan

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