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flamingos, photography, humorous books, pictorial storytelling, garden gnomes, parody, social satire

Vengeance of the Pink Flamingo
by Grant Hurlburt

This humorous book follows the spiritual journey of a lawn flamingo in words and photographs. Think of it as "Siddhartha Meets the Mummy". Discovered on an archaeological dig in the future, following massive atomic wars, the lawn ornament is brought to life due to atomic radiations' effect on the tiny sea creatures that compose the flamingo's body. Following brushes with the law, the flamingo finds a satisfying career managing a circus, then retires to wander in the east seeking enlightenment. He establishes a lawnasary, which he defends from imperialistic invaders.

Grant Hurlburt grew up in Western Canada and worked on archaeological digs in Canada and Egypt while earning a Ph. D. in vertebrate paleontology. He has taught Anatomy and Physiology and Biology in Canada, the U.S.A., and the Middle East. He enjoys travel, photography, and inhabiting Hamilton, Ontario. This is not his second book.


Grant Hurlburt

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