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Eureka! I have found it...the

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Healing cancer, holistic cure, mind-body connection, emotional factors, despair, essay collection, research review

Eureka! I have found it...the "YOU" in Your Cancer
by George Norrie

The trouble is as George Norrie points out, that we tell ourselves “I really should look into this. I really should try” but we don’t believe, and so we fail, and the ‘business of cancer” goes on raising funds and buying the search for the cure that is forever just around the corner, and the hospitals are still full. Think of the savings! This book instills the notion that, Yes we can! We can beat cancer, if we change our outlook on life and stop trying to find health, where it is not.

This book could easily change your life, attitude and health. It could power you in developing your immune system so it will defend against stress, distress, sadness and raise your effectiveness against the BIG "C".

- R.W. Cookson - A Positive Survivor of Nothing to Fear.

Are costs and benefits in treating cancer in our society (country) worth it? Are we achieving a desirable quality of life? George Norrie looks elsewhere.

- Pat Craig, Retired Nurse, Anglican Chaplin

Fascinating book. The author has done extensive research to support his findings. Chapter nine has a strong impact on me as I had a very close friend die from aggressive leukemia within two years of his only son's death. The stress and grief he experienced due to this loss was fatal. A book well worth reading.

- C.A. Bud Audas - Retired Lands Manager, Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline

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George Norrie lives in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada. George and his brother Harry wrote From Cloddy Earth to Glittering Gold, a story of their father J.P Norrie who was a well known mining engineer in northern Canada. George also prepared the draft of the book with Catherine Thompson, The Prize of Learning Love, the story of his mother Senator Margaret Norrie, the first woman Senator from Nova Scotia Canada.

George is a Civil Engineer, a graduate of Nova Scotia Technical College, formerly employed with Latimer Construction, C. A Pitts, on major highway construction and for many years Day & Ross in every aspect of the trucking business.

The YOU In Your Cancer is the result of George Norrie’s lifelong interest in the origins of Cancer. This book is a collection of contributions of many great minds on this subject.


George Norrie
Trinity Enterprise Inc.

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