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Growing up, Kansas, Idyllic childhood, rural living, memories, Ford Model A, Great Depression

I Stood on a Knoll South of Norton
by Eldon Archer

From the first paragraph to the very last this is a story you will live, not just read. Eldon Archer’s writing skills enmesh the reader in his writings as so eloquently proven in Slices of Eden. The reader will relive his youth on a little farm South of Norton, Kansas. The reader will be transformed from today’s escalating electronic age, plagued with chaos, to a simple but exciting jam-packed life the author lived.

It has humor, tragedy, life’s lessons, history, and the importance of the family. There were a lot of hardships, but they are offset by days of riding a Shetland pony at full gallop, cane-pole fishing in the Prairie Dog creek, bike riding, often precariously, swimming, exciting nights on the ice playing shinny. The reader will actually hear the crunch of snow as Eldon and his best friend, his dad, took nightly winter walks under a brilliant star encrusted sky.

This book will never become outdated. This sliver of Americana will be enjoyed for generations ad infinitum. This book will not gather dust on a book shelf as it be re-read many times and will be passed around to others.

The author’s desire to walk on the adventuresome side of life started with his family’s move to a little farm south of Norton. Eldon took every opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest and a little beyond, as unfolded in this book. This desire has continued to this day. Over the years he has built a warehouse of exciting memories. Never letting any moss grow under his feet besides running a successful business, he spent time in 47 countries, much in wildlife research. In his travels he has scuba dived the world over. His great obsession with photography documented his adventures above and below the sea. On a bird watching trip to Costa Rico he suffered a stroke so now he is sharing his memories with the public. This book and his Slices of Eden will take the reader into Eldon’s world. My guess there will be more to come.


Eldon Archer

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