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Children’s fiction, Short story, Childhood, Life lessons, Important principles, Learning moments, Inspirational

Mimi's PDRLs
by Rose A. Hunt

Patti, Percy, Devin, Reese, Lorna, and Leila are six very good friends who learn that it takes patience, perseverance, discipline, respect, loyalty, and love to keep their friendship alive. Follow the friends as they play, learn and interact in various activities. They will teach you how to live your life using these six principles.

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Rose Hunt is also the author of "MOM3MD, A Mother's Story." She is retired and lives in Sherman Oaks, California where she devotes her time to making sure that her two grandsons learn and live according to the principles of "The PDRLs of Life." These principles are: Patience, Perseverance, Discipline, Respect, Loyalty, and Love. It is these principles which she instilled in her three adult children, all physicians, as they were raised in a single parent household after the death of their father early in their lives. She passes these very principles on to her grandsons, Jordan and Devin who collaborated with the creation of "Mimi's PDRLs." These two were instrumental in the development of the stories depicted by each of the six characters developed in the story.


Rose A. Hunt
Contribution by
Jordan G. Hunt
Contribution by
Devin A. Hunt

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