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Family secrets, Office romance, Murder mystery, First love, Unwed mothers, Jealousy in relationships, Sexual abuse

The End of Innocence by Neeyom White

Daisy is a naïve young woman who lives in the shadow of a more beautiful and sophisticated cousin. The two share a close relationship despite the differences in their lifestyle and character, but Daisy comes to find that her cousin’s life was not all that she thought that it was. Daisy struggles to find herself and the love that she yearns for. It is a coming of age story that takes place in the ‘60’s, an era when new standards of freedom and choice were emerging. It is also a story that explores some of the conflicts and differences within the organized church.

The 1960’s were an exciting time to be a young woman. Entering university for a degree in Political Science and Sociology, I discovered that the winds of change were blowing in a new and exciting way. Although the campus was small (barely the size of a many high schools these days) it was immediately obvious that I would embark on a new found freedom to engage in exciting activities, both political and social. After graduation and a period of time that I did work as a social worker, I married and became a mother of four, and I am now a grandmother to six wonderful children. Family responsibilities have been the priority for most of my life, and I now draw on my life experiences as inspiration for much of my writing. I am blessed to have reached a time in my life wherein I can use that experience and opportunity to pursue my passion as a writer.


Neeyom White

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