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The Entrepreneur's Apprentice
Chronicles of a Bipolar Boss by Don Darvill

“Surround yourself with experts and let them do their job.”

In the highly competitive world of free enterprise, there are four realities that simply cannot be ignored.

• Every day companies must compete for market share. The only way to grow your business is to take market share away from someone else.

• The core values and the guiding principles that are hallmark of every successful small business are not a wish list; they are a must list.

• The three most overused yet seldom achieved words in the business vernacular are Total Customer Satisfaction.

• Nothing will ever be more important to the long-term success of your business than your ability to create brand equity.

The Entrepreneur’s Apprentice explores the power of employee potential and the critical importance of brand identity in creating a highly successful small business. It is full of original concepts, principles, and strategies that are guaranteed to breathe new life into your company.

See how the Quadrant Leadership Model takes employee development in your business to a whole new level. Learn how to create the kind of brand identity that builds long-term market share. See how your personal insight and influence can have a profound effect on the mindset and the culture of your organization.

Quotes from the book

'A boss who insists on holding on to control, and a well run business that is fully under control, are rarely in the same location.'

'A good eduction can prepare you for life. A good business educations can set you for life.'

'Praise never grows old not matter how old we grow.'

'If no one aspires to be average, the last thing we should do is settle for it.'

'Every boss, no matter their vocation, is in the business of people.'

‘The secret to bringing out the best in others is to start with yourself.’

'There is a significant difference between possessing a strong will to win, and the need to win at all costs.'

'The is a very big difference between the glass half full and the one half empty. It is called momentum.'

'Surround yourself with experts and let them do their job.'

Don Darvill is an engaging public speaker with more than three decades of experience working with one of the most iconic companies in the world. At the peak of his career, he was diagnosed with rapid cycle bipolar disorder. Faced with an uncertain future and a set of extraordinary challenges, he set out to discover an alternative way to run a successful small business. The result was Quadrant Leadership.


Don Darvill

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