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Kisses, Children, Family, Love, Affection, Grandparents, Parents

Sometimes we can be distracted and miss what is most important around us, but our children are the shining light that will lead us home. Rub It In is a true story about kisses, and where they go when you are truly loved. Meet a family who learned this amazing lesson from a very special little boy.

Cathy Goudie has been a teacher in Ontario for 31 years. She loves stories, is an avid story teller and love to be creative in her work, free-time and life. Her son is a wonderful miracle that came into her life 14 years ago to keep her young.

Hartley Miller is an artist who isn’t an artist! She is a former Art student of Ms G, who is now part of the family. Her work is amazing, hauntingly reminiscent of the people behind this story. She did the illustrations as a gift which is appreciated with much love.

Kayla Himmelman is a photographer of note in the city of Guelph. She is another part of the growing family that supports Ms G and her brood. She photographed the illustrations, author and illustrator.


Cathy A Goudie
Hartley Miller
Michael L M Goudie

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