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Fairies and elves, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Medieval Fiction, Kingdoms, Princess

The Witch of Kellmorgen
The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 4
by Cynthia A Sears

A Date with Destiny

Bridget craves adventure and excitement outside of the work that she and her brother Duncan shared to eke out a meager living from their little farm near Gateway Village. Where Duncan seems to thrive on the work, Bridget finds it harder and harder to endure. Now Duncan is trying to make a match for her with the miller’s son Caleb. Bridget isn’t ready to trade farm work for work at the mill, but she does agree to spend time with Caleb, especially when he is making deliveries to Gateway Castle.

Bridget and Caleb learn that the new king’s coronation is to be held at Gateway Castle and that all of the noble families in Kellmorgen will be attending. When Lady Helen, the Mistress of Gateway Castle, asks if they could help out by joining the castle staff for the event, Bridget feels like it’s a dream come true. Now she will have a chance to see the fairies from Elnara who will be attending the event, maybe even the Fairy Princess herself. But Bridget is hiding a secret from everyone, a secret that will tear their lives apart and will force Princess Elizabeth to meet her destiny.

Cynthia A Sears lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband Kevin, who can fix anything, her daughter Elizabeth, who makes every day special, and her mom Marcia, who refuses to slow down. She enjoys hiking, music, dancing, badminton, and living in New England. Her family motto is, “If it’s plaid, it can’t be bad.”


Cynthia A Sears

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