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Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, Reincarnation, Past life, Subconscious, Life Problems, New Age Beginning.

The Portal to Past Life Insight
by Lynn C. LeBlanc

The Portal to Past Life Insight is a collection of short stories about individuals looking for answers to life's challenges. After conventional methods have proven unsuccessful, clients turn to a hypnotherapist and past life specialist for an alternative approach..

Most of life’s challenges center around lessons the soul has chosen to learn. Unfortunately, the soul often finds itself stuck in loops that transcend lifetimes.

Traveling back in time, collecting information we identify lessons the soul is trying to learn. Each story transports us to various locations around the world, throughout history. Our journeys include Ancient Egypt, Siam, and Nazi Germany. We relive the Klondike Gold Rush, search for the Northwest Passage, and serve time as a political prisoner in the penal colony of Australia.

Learn what to look for and how to find key information. See how the soul creates lives to learn and grow. Current and past lives are all intertwined so looking at one life in isolation definitely has limitations. It is much easier, more productive, and insightful to look at past lives when trying to solve issues – even 21st century issues.

The Portal has a balance of humor and realism. The stories are interesting and uplifting, as well as inspirational. The book encourages the reader to want more – more out of life and more of a connection between their physical body and their soul.

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Lynn LeBlanc is passionate about assisting individuals on their soul’s journey. In addition to her Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy designation, she also has a bachelor degree in commerce and education. This training has created a perfect blend for helping clients identify, understand, and overcome challenges in all aspects of their lives. She teaches adult classes about the subconscious mind and the relevance of past lives on current life issues. In addition, Lynn’s strong problem-solving background allows her to explore multiple lives and analyze information retrieved using an innovative new process. This process provides a different perspective that empowers individuals to find understanding and happiness. Recently Lynn revisited her enthusiasm for writing and completed her first book, The Portal to Past Live Insight. She is working on her next two books, The Portal to Finding Life Lessons and The Portal to Discovering Life’s Purpose. Lynn also operates her own hypnotherapy practice called Insight 4 Success Inc.,


Lynn C. LeBlanc

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