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Great Library, Importance of reading, Climate change, Environmentalism, Quest, Star traveler, Coming-of-age.

The Guardians of Grimace
by Joseph Arbour

Megan-Hilary is the youngest female astronaut to command a Star Traveller on a mission to explore the galaxy, and she is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Forced down on a planet that hadn’t been detected from Earth, she encounters a fascinating race and soon becomes friends with the Gretchels. Grimli, Grenda, and their mentor Dr. Samuel A. Gretchel. On her return to Earth, Megan-Hilary reports to her commander on her finding about the Gretchel culture, customs and the Great Library, which is possibly one of the greatest treasures in the universe. In great fascination, she is sent back to learn more, where she becomes involved in the Gretchels struggles more than she could have imagined. Plagued by a changing climate and a nasty race of beings from the other side of their world, the Gretchels planet faces great danger. This struggle could destroy their world. Will they survive? Can Megan-Hilary help them? Could the Gretchel’s ancient past help change the future of their planet? As their whole world is in the threat of ruin by weather and marauding Monstrels, their fate will be tested to the extreme

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Joseph completed a career as a scientist and manager in the Government of Canada, finishing with a stint in NATO. He was an avid reader all his life, and has discovered a love of writing. His passion for science led him to explore the world of science fiction. This first novel is just a beginning as he dives into more projects in this genre. Joseph obtained his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Nova Scotia (now part of Dalhousie University). He grew up in the small village of Port Robinson, in the Niagara Peninsula, and now lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with his wife Edith. He has two daughters, who are also scientists.


Joseph Arbour
Editor and Illustrator
Dr. Jessica Arbour

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