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Warehouse, Warehouse Configuration, Storage, Storage Logistics, Materials Handling Equipment, Warehouse Management System, Forklifts

How to Configure and Equip your Warehouse
From dock to stock and back to dock.
by Keith MacDonald and John Binns

For warehouses, distribution centers and plant stores

■ Many descriptions of material handling equipment

■ Combining of various equipment types into systems

■ Selecting a preferred system for an existing building

■ Configuring of a new building.

The authors have a combined total of over 60 years of hands-on experience in the field of material handling equipment and applications. Some of the material, comments and dimensioning suggestions were learned the hard way. Safety hints, some of which seem to be little known or understood, are sprinkled throughout the book.

This manual can save you many times its’ price while increasing safety and reducing unexpected problems to a minimum.

NOTE: Conveyers are not discussed in any detail. These and advanced automation are subjects which require their own manuals.


Keith MacDonald
John Binns

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