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Alien benevolence, Erotica, Group sex, Human Religious and Philosophical Origins, Resource extraction from space, Solution to environmental problems, Space exploration

Project Spacemine
The Project Begins
by Frank Pierce Hubbard, Sr.

What if aliens really do want the best for us and our planet?

Dr. Isaac St. Clair was a NASA mission specialist — until his program was defunded, that is, and he ended up a divorced, mediocre used car salesman estranged from his family. Mark Randall is a wildly successful San Francisco magnate with all the money in the world to spend but no passion to spend it on. When Mark, in a stroke of inspiration, publishes a national ad requesting the most outrageous, world-changing proposals, Isaac wastes no time in sending his in. Project Spacemine would extract enough resources from space to solve the socio-economic woes of the planet and protect the world from potentially disastrous impacts from space, and the Randall Corporation promptly directs Isaac’s team to implement it.

Isaac and Mark, along with the beautiful and savvy women in their lives, also come to lead secret lives of intense eroticism that push past the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. More and more trusted allies soon join their number. With some extraterrestrial intervention, they co-create a new way for humans to live together, with a sexual bond inoculating them against jealousy, conflict, strife, ego, and competition. Once you meet them, you won’t forget The Team and their completely new approach to creating world peace, cooperation, and prosperity.

Frank Pierce Hubbard, Sr. is a long-time science fiction fan and theorist of extraterrestrial life on Earth. He holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Masters in Health Sciences and is a practicing Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. He lives in Florida with his wife. This is his first book in a series of futuristic novels.


Frank Pierce Hubbard, Sr.

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