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Fred's Challenge
by Peter M. Oliver

Fred's Challenge is a fun read along for adults and children. Fred a young frog has an unusual problem. He can't sink below the surface of the water in pond, he just floats on top. So Fred begins his quest to find solution to his problem by asking his family hoping they would have answers. His grandmother suggests he ask the Wise old toad in rock garden.

Fred searches out Wise old toad who listens to Freds dilemma. While he is contemplating Freds problem he notices Fred snacking. There's your problem the Wise old toad says, those are causing bloating and gas, causing you to float. So he advises Fred to what to do before he goes swimming. Fred thanks the wise old toad and goes back to pond. When he gets there he takes the wise old toads advice and then makes dive into water to see if the advice worked.

The story shows that if you share your problems with others maybe someone can help. Family is good resource but sometimes you have to go out side of family.

Freds challenge is illustrated in 12 coloured drawings centered around the environment a frog would live in.

The author/illustrator has written other books centered around animals characters but with twist .

Peter's first book of many to come. He's a husband of 38 years, a father, and a grandfather who loves reading to his grand children as he did to his children.


Peter M. Oliver
Joyce Oliver

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