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The Infield Fly Rule
by Randall E. Wilbert

The Infield Fly Rule follows a spirited group of New England teen age baseball players through a baseball season. They roam from town to town in their eccentric coach's converted bus, from ball field to ball field chasing the American sports dream, seeking adventure, both on and off the field. Encountering both victory and defeat, they learn about baseball, camaraderie, and the vagaries of life. It is a story of contrasting personalities, competition, and challenges, but also of love, friendship, victory, and perseverance.

Led by a quixotic coach and his loyal assistants, the team experiences all the joys and sorrows of growing up with the great game of baseball.

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Randall E. Wilbert is a life-long sports fan and active member of the youth baseball community in New England. He coached teams for his five children over thirty years, and had acted as a game official for local high school teams. When he’s not on the field, he enjoys visiting landmarks from American history, including forgotten cemeteries and Civil War battlefields.

He lives with his wife in New Hampshire, where they both practice law. This is his first novel.


Randall E. Wilbert

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