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Musky Takes Manhattan cover

1. Paperback Edition
  • Premium Color
  • 24 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Mouse, New York, girlfriend, school, museums, hotel, opera

Musky Takes Manhattan
by Susanne Boccio Giuliani

Meet Musky .... once again!! An adventurous and courageous little mouse who only a year ago made it all the way over a bridge, across a river, onto a truck, through a tunnel, into Manhattan, rounding corners, crossing streets and winding up in a fancy hotel. WOW, this little guy is not only energetic but brave and spunky!

He has now become a real "New Yorker" -- a mouse about town you might say -- and his story continues. Our little MUSKY, who loves gourmet cheeses, museums and operas, tall buildings, and especially a good education, takes you on an exciting journey "alone" ..... Now, wouldn't it be great if there was another little someone out there to join him?? Who Knows?? Anything is possible.

DEDICATION: Continued pride and thanks is given to our great city, New York....the inspiration and backdrop for this book. MUSKY TAKES MANHATTAN is lovingly dedicated to my grandchildren: Emily, Keegan, Lauren, Kaydin and Isabella. May each page of their creativity help you smile!

SINCERE THANKS TO: My husband John Giuliani for his love and patience

My daughters: Aimee Giuliani Oxford and Kristin Giuliani Stea, great

educators and moms of my "illustrators".

My friend: Jerry Cohen for turning my manuscript into a beautiful book.

The art of writing and the different worlds and adventures it can take you has always interested me from childhood. I very much appreciate poetry and have found that children especially seem to enjoy the flow of rhyming words they can understand, learn from, and that tell interesting stories.

I was brought up in Brooklyn, N.Y. and always loved to visit New York City. Not only did I dream of one day living in Manhattan, but to be part of the hustle and bustle, intrigue, adventure and ethnic diversity found there always called out to me.

However, we sometimes do not have our initial dreams come true. Other dreams come and take their place. I live here on Long Island with a wonderful husband and loving family, and have now completed my second children’s book. Writing my first, titled MUSKY, was a lifelong ambition and goal. I am now doubly thankful and blessed with the accomplishment of writing and publishing its continuation called: MUSKY TAKES MANHATTAN.


Susanne Boccio Giuliani
K. Keli

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