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Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Chum Salmon, Animal Friendship, Educational Animal Stories, Bear Facts, Salmon Spawning Season

A bear story
by Dawn Rymer

In real life, black bears stay well clear of grizzly bears if they can help it.

This is the whimsical tale set during the Chum salmon spawning run, that is told through photographs, and the eyes of a black bear cub as he crosses paths and eventually befriends an old grizzly. Interwoven in the story are facts about the natural history of grizzlies, black bears, and the salmon they rely upon.

The story will make you laugh, pull at your heartstrings, and leave you wanting more “Boo-bear” adventures.

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Dawn was born and raised in rural, small town Saskatchewan. Although her family moved around a lot following work opportunities, her world was always surrounded with kittens and puppies, stuffed teddy bears and tea parties prepared especially for them! Her eternal optimism and caring for little people and creatures began early in life.

Her creative spirit found its expression in her art, cooking, and the songs and stories she shared with little ones special in her life. She finally found “home” on the shore of a north central Albertan lake. There her interactions with wildlife grew. Her interest in photography spawned out of watching wildlife. The personalities and characters of individual creatures that came into her world captured her heart. The little mother squirrel who sits patiently on a branch outside the kitchen window, waiting to be invited in for her peanuts is considered a member of the family. Her visits and antics are looked forward to. Lost baby ducks are reunited with their families, injured animals are cared for, taken to vets when needed and released

back to the wild. She has actively improved and restored habitat, making her home increasingly attractive for creatures large and small. Every interaction with wild animals is treasured by Dawn and she will wait patiently for those special looks or behaviors that are found in her books. Love, kindness and caring characterize her interactions with people and wildlife.

In recent years she has combined her love for wildlife, writing, photography, story-telling and little people in story books. It is her hope and wish that her readers may enjoy the opportunities to engage with and share glimpses into the wonders of our natural world.


Dawn Rymer

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