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Fairy Tale Adaptations, Young Adult Fairy Tale, Seventeenth-Century Spain, Courtly Life, Grimm Fairy Tales’ Cinderella, Young Adult Novels with a Strong Female Lead, Village life in Seventeenth-Century Spain

Don't Go Swiftly, Darling
An Ever After Tales Collection by Robyn Tocker

It's just the beginning!

Don't Go Swiftly, Darling is the second book in a series exploring what happens to the children of those fairy tale characters who lived "happily ever after." Set in 17th century Spain, Don't Go Swiftly tells the story of Catalina, Cinderella's eldest and most wilful child, who has fought her arranged marriage since the day she was first told about it. When her husband-to-be sends notice of his return, Catalina does what every princess should do in that situation: she runs. With her brother Rafael at her side, who is running away from problems of his own, she breaks away from their parents' watchful eyes and decides to explore what life is like outside the castle walls.

Don't Go Swiftly, Darling turns fairy tale conventions upside down, taking the reader on a journey through heartbreak, growing up, true love, and dealing with the past.

Robyn Tocker, having lived in Saskatchewan all her life, recently relocated to Fort Qu'Appelle to be the reporter for the community newspaper. She has been an avid reader since she could prop up a book, and her love of literature has carried her through each of life’s struggles.

Tocker has been published in Polar Expressions Publishing, windSCRIPT, Young Writers of Canada and Society magazine. Her 1st novel, In A Cottage We Once Knew is available for purchase on Amazon and is the first book in her Ever After Tales series.


Robyn Tocker

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