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Gender identity, Mid-life realizations, Career success or failure, Honesty in relationships, Single parent, Jail, Corruption

The Truth About Caroline
by Randi M. Sherman

Honesty has always presented a problem for Caroline.

Manipulating situations and navigating around blunders and deceptions have become second nature to Caroline. She could justify every lie she has ever told, and any truth she ever stretched. Honesty and revealing secrets would only keep her from moving forward with her life. What good would it do anyhow?

Even all of those bad financial decisions, flawed relationships and questionable life choices seem like child’s play compared to being arrested for the solicitation of her husband’s murder, and what follows. Could someone figure out Caroline? And what would happen if someone did?

With a keen sense of humor, Randi Sherman delivers her third novel, The Truth About Caroline, a fast and entertaining read with plenty of twists and turns. The Truth About Caroline, is the continuation of Caroline Starts Over, published in 2014. Randi’s first novel, Paula Takes A Risk, was published in 2012.


Randi M. Sherman

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