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Autobiography, inspirational story, survival, domestic abuse, single mother, Ottawa, medical miracles

My Life, My Journey, My Soul
by Doreen Gravelle

I dedicate this book to my father and mother. Without them I would not have become the person I am. I was born in 1938 to a wonderful set of parents; my mother and father were people who gave of themselves. They instilled so many virtues in me that I am very thankful for.

To my family who had to put up with me through the good times and the bad.

To everyone that I have met along the way while I was following my life’s path.

And most of all to God, whose help has given me the desire for knowledge and the courage to follow my heart. Without that, I would not have accomplished the things I’ve done.

I have gone down many roads, and each journey has taught me something.

I know God put people in my life for me to help with his work here on earth, to show them that life is special and to tell them to never give up. The Lord has shown and given me more miracles than people can believe. They are all around us.


Doreen Gravelle

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