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Channeling, Divine essence, Vibrations, Inspiration, Consciousness, Spiritual growth, Energy work

Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth)
Decade of Light - Volume 1
by Judith Onley

Do you feel yourself and the world changing at lightning speed?

Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) is an empowering and transformative collection of messages from a group of non-physical spiritual teachers. The unique energy transmission through their words reaches you at your cellular level, enabling you to access the “knowing” that has always been there, the intuitive, conscious answers for your personal well-being, and for the uplifting of our world into a higher vibrational energy.

In this book you will discover:

• How to access higher vibrational thoughts and energy.

• What it feels like to live in higher consciousness.

• The power you have access to that transforms chaotic energy into harmonic energy.

• The knowing that you are Divine, a Magnificent Light Being here on Earth – that is the greatest power of all!

This book will enable you to rise above the fear, as it shows you the way!

I am profoundly grateful and honoured to have experienced first hand the transformational energy of “US”. Whether live in-person, through teleconference channels, or their written words, I have felt a deep and awe-inspiring sense that I am in the presence of powerful and loving Beings. Each message has affected me in a different way, both physically and spiritually, and I always feel a shift towards greater understanding of myself, and the divinely supported journey we are all undertaking. 

- Jen Clarke, Administrator, Toronto

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Judith Onley, International Best Selling Author, Spiritual Mentor and Channeler, is uplifting the vibration of our world by putting these powerful messages out to humanity. She is also the author of “Your Mastery - Live It Now!” available at


Judith Onley

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