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Self Help, Hygiene, Profanity, Relationships, Straight Talk, Motivation, Mental Health

Dick Loss Prevention Vol. 1
Make sure your dick doesn't fall off before you die drunk and alone
by Ryan Levis

No man wants to die drunk, alone, and emasculated. And yet, for many dudes, that’s exactly what’s coming. It will be our own damn fault. We’ll dismiss accidents, traumas, failures, or misfortunes instead of seeing them as essential healthcare recovery hurdles. Unfortunately men culturally reinforce this ignorance, isolation, and aggression without understanding how it prohibits our conflict resolution skills and emotional inter-connectivity. This all but guarantees us unhealthy lives and toxic relationships.

There’s hope. This is a blunt, stop loss, men’s health prevention guide. It offers strategies for dudes who can recognize, even just a tiny bit, that masculinity might be co-related to some dodgy behavior. This book offers straight forward advice for (literate) dudes without any coddling or naivety. Obviously, expect some full-frontal female nudity*.

You will learn about sex, confidence, communication, and how not to suck the life out of your relationships and yourself.

This is the first volume of Dick Loss Prevention, a series aimed to motivate men into their own healthcare maintenance as route to supportive relationships and getting laid for longer.

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Ryan Levis is a mental health support worker, researcher of community health/economics, and crisis prevention enthusiast. His training includes addictions support, restorative justice, group facilitation, peer support, and suicide intervention. He is an outspoken advocate for the elimination of domestic violence and for everyone’s mental health maintenance.

Levis is a long time Shakespearean actor, advocate, and entertainer. He received a diploma from the Canadian College of Performing Arts (2006), founded his first comedy company at age twenty-one (2007), and won a national business award for his community housing prospectus (2011). Levis holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria, where he majored in Greek and Roman History, minored in business, and produced theatre while running for Chairperson of the Student’s Society (2009-2011).

This book is the debut installment of his Dick Loss Prevention series, a men’s health prevention initiative through comedy.


Ryan Levis
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