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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Jungle, Girls and their fathers, Loneliness, Adventure, Congo, Africa, Anthropomorphism

A Little Girl's Journey
by Elle Perrault

All seems peaceful and quiet in the Yangambi Forest, but not for Oni. She misses Tata, her father. “A little girl needs her father!” the spirit animals agree. So, they secretly watch over her as she embarks on a long and sometimes dangerous journey through the mysterious Congo jungle to find him.

Nyoka, the wise serpent, is watching over Oni, too. She plunges her into a timeless-dream world filled with violent waters, tangled jungle vines and endlessly rotating skies. It’s where Oni learns to live and transform herself into a “therianthrope”—part animal, part girl. It is there that she learns the secrets to self-nurturance, guidance, courage, and protection—her actual heart’s call initiated by her father's drumming.

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Elle Perrault is a new author residing in Southern California. She has spent over forty years as an educator and curriculum specialist with the California Department of Education, making contributions to the field of early childhood assessment and quality classroom instruction. In 1996, she received the California Teachers of the Year Award. Elle served as the director of the Agape International Children’s Choir for 20 years. In 2015, she wrote and produced the music album Spirit Soup—a collaboration of inspirational songs written with children and parents. Always focused on the healthy growth and development of children and families, Elle continues to contribute to her beloved community. You can find more information at


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