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  • Monkey Tale Adventures

    Loose in the Zoo by

    Two little monkeys are about to get into serious trouble. First they escape from their enclosure at the zoo and cause mayhem with their animal friends. Then, they follow some children home! What happens when two little monkeys escape from the zoo? ...

  • Yuri and the Treasure Box


    Yuri is quite the curious monkey! One day, while walking along the Amazon River, he bumps into something strange, something he has never seen before. He picks it up, wondering what it could be. Is it a hat? A seat? A drum? No . . . it’s a treasure ...

  • Oni

    A Little Girl's Journey by

    All seems peaceful and quiet in the Yangambi Forest, but not for Oni. She misses Tata, her father. “A little girl needs her father!” the spirit animals agree. So, they secretly watch over her as she embarks on a long journey and sometimes ...

  • Wild Friends at the Blue Pond

    Norman by

    Norman the little elephant is having a very difficult time. He is bumping into things and hurting himself all of the time. He is red-faced and awkward, not sure what to do. His friends and family start to notice this and try to help him out. Come ...

  • Lou and his Mane


    Lou and his Mane is a delightful picture book about friendship, facing fears, problem solving, and getting along with siblings. Lou is a brave young Lion who loves his mane. Everyone knows he is proud of it, but Lou has a secret. He is terribly ...

  • The Great Golden Banana


    Sisters Bree and Tae are on a quest for a most mysterious prize. It won’t be easy—there are squawking birds, clever crocodiles, and sleeping bears along the way. Some of these creatures sure look familiar… Nothing is quite as it seems! It will take ...

  • Tiberius, Arapaima, and the Monster Eel


    All seems idyllic in the small village of Winiperu, nestled in the Amazon rainforest among glittering lakes and waterfalls. But one day the fishermen come back empty-handed and afraid. A gigantic eel has swallowed up all the fish! Adventurous ...