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Hamsters, Dwarf Hamster, Pets, Family, Belonging, Children’s Book, Home

Ethel's New Home
by Kathy Rogo

Ethel’s New Home is a heartwarming story about a dwarf hamster who lives in a hamster tank with seven brothers and sisters. But Ethel has a problem, she is getting tired of having to share all the time with them. Ethel can’t eat, drink, or sleep when she wants because her brothers and sisters are always in the way. Ethel decides the answer is to escape from the tank and find a new, more spacious place to live by herself. Will Ethel make her way home again? A story with a theme that both parents and children will enjoy reading together especially if they come from a large family.

Kathy Rogo found her inspiration for Ethel’s New Home from her two sons Kevin and TJ and a pet hamster named Ethel. This story is loosely based on Ethel’s talent for escaping the hamster tank and then being found in the last places you would ever imagine. Kathy grew up in Woodland Hills, California and moved to Aspen, Colorado at age 23 and finally learned to ski three years after that. Kathy has a day job and writes in her spare time.


Kathy Rogo
Natalia Starikova

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