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Shakespeare, Love story, Sonnet, Lyric poems, Prose poems, Feminism, New York City

The Griffin and Other Poems
by Alice M. Baskous

The Griffin and Other Poems is the author’s latest and fourth poetic endeavor, written to shed light on current events from a feminist’s perspective, using symbolism as well as empathy in traditional as well as modern ways. The author tries to evaluate precisely what is happening in the world scene, from crime to terrorism, and gives voice to what often goes voiceless: the misery, anxiety, and tumultuous of the human condition. For the first time, the poet has included a comic play, Since Cocks Don’t lay Eggs, in verse at the end of her compilation which is over seventy pages long, and plans to write more plays in the near future - God willing, she would like to add.

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Alice M. Baskous is a graduate of Hunter College, The City University of New York, in Manhattan, a French Language and Culture major who has graphomania and loves singing. A resident of New Jersey, she commutes every day to Manhattan Island in order to work, pray at a local downtown Hare Krishna temple, study foreign languages in quiet corners, and appreciate all the wonderful places the city has to offer. She spends several hours daily reading up on world news and writing in her diary, which she would also like to publish sometime after the winter of 2014.


Alice M. Baskous

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