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    • 978-1-4602-5780-7
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  • Keywords
    • Personal quest,
    • relationships,
    • gender,
    • mysticism,
    • philosophy,
    • love,
    • spiritual growth

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Magic Potion
by Mahrouyeh Maghzi

A woman has invited 25 women and 25 men to come and listen to her talk about her book and ask them whether or not to publish it. In a small square room, she finds 23 men have arrived. She stays outside the room and speaks to them telepathically about relationships, honouring the female principle and the meaning of life. What does the story of the Garden of Eden mean? Later she comes into the room and educates them about the role of women and raising the men’s consciousness. She embodies light and takes them into another mental realm. She tests their ideas, surprises and shocks them to help them evolve. One of them finds that the book on the lectern is blank. In the end we realize she hasn’t written a book, but lived it. Maghzi states: This book is one woman's vision which has been reduced to a readable form. This book is about a woman who raises her voice on behalf of those women who have suffered through the centuries! This book is about cutting selfish self's rough and uneven edges in order to become wiser and smarter to circle the wiser and smarter beloved!

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Mahrouyeh Maghzi lives in Vancouver and spends her time writing. She visits family in the US but finds the West Coast a special place that allows her to write. With a background in mysticism, spiritualism and religion she weaves a parable to help others come to terms with the quandaries of relationships and personal development.


Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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