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Family Drama, Family Secrets, Drug Addiction, Cheating Partners, Hidden Family History, Sororicide, Coma

Follow in her Footsteps
by Brooks Ellis, Jr

When Richard Whiting, beloved father and husband, and the family peacekeeper, is admitted to hospital in a coma, the family begins a swift unraveling, and its unspoken history threatens to reveal itself. Whiting sisters Stacie and Debbie find themselves victim of their mother Margaret’s unfair treatment—Margaret favours Debbie and demonizes Stacie, who responds with equal vitriol. In light of her father’s hospitalization, Stacie’s interrogation of her mother’s past intensifies, and drives Margaret to extremes in order to protect the shadowy family past, and her own unfathomable secrets. Unbeknownst to them, the sisters are blindly following in their mother’s dark footsteps, and where those footsteps wash into the sea, the waves reveal the true evil of the Whiting family. Debbie and Stacie are gradually walking in the dark footsteps of their mother without even realizing it, and unaware that with each step forward is one step closer towards the truth and realization of who they are to their parents, and at the end of that unlit path—where those footsteps will come to an end—is where a dark veil will be lifted to reveal the true evil of the family.

Brooks Ellis resides in Ontario. He is a graphic arts designer.


Brooks Ellis, Jr

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