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Canadian Settlers, Family, Farmers, Canadian Frontier, Assiniboia, Twentieth Century Pioneers, Doukhobors

Promised Land
Home and Family by G. D. Benneke

Book Two of the Promised Land story, Home and Family, follows the Buechlers as their homesteaded land, “bellies out with life.” There is now law and order, co-operation, community, and caring, all of which seems to have appeared with the Buechlers. The family grows and prospers as the land gives them all that they’ve ever wanted and needed; prosperous farms and businesses, happy homes, intelligent, hard-working children, and herds of healthy livestock. Yet natural disasters, human greed, hate, and power politics continually threaten to destroy all that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Is this truly a Promised Land and will it be better for their children?

In vivid, evocative prose supported by painstaking research, Promised Land – Home and Family brings history to vibrant, heart-pounding life. It will immerse readers in the courage and ingenuity of the turn-of-the-century pioneers who took on the challenge to carve out hearth and home from the forbidding landscapes of the western Canadian prairies.

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As a child, Gerald Benneke was often cared for by a grandmother who had walked out of Siberian exile along with her husband, who later died of long-term consequences suffered at the hands of his Russian captors. From her and his paternal grandfather, Gerald grew up listening to colourful stories of his ancestors, who had homesteaded what was once the relatively unpeopled wilderness of the Assiniboia Territory. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Education, Gerald taught History and English at a number of locations in Saskatchewan before returning to the land as the fourth generation operator of the family farm. He lives with Margaret, his wife of forty-seven years, on the 110-year-old site of his maternal grandfather’s homestead, in the heart of what was once the largest Doukhobor settlement in Canada.

Photos also available of author at Fort Livingston and Fort Pelly Sites.


G. D. Benneke

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