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Vegetable adventures, Book of the King, Heroism, Bravery, Children’s books, Religious fiction, Christian fiction

The Garden People
by Ron Benty

Warrior carrots, club-wielding pumpkins, and a three-headed Cornstalk armed with an executioner’s axe, lead the battle to recapture the Book. But, will they defeat Solomon Growhard and his onion renegades soaring upon giant bats? It is a race against time, against evil and a battle over the fate of Solum. Who will win?

Ron Benty is married to his wonderful wife, Gwen, and has three “weasels” disguised as boys - Samarama, Captain Morgan, and Stinky Geggy - he had a blast writing this book. He lives in Creston, B.C., and pretends to be the minister of a funny little Church in Wynndel. He is still hoping to grow up one day!


Ron Benty
James Troughton

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