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Book Details:
  • 200 pages
  • Black & White
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • eBook (epub, mobi, pdf)
  • 978-1-4602-6275-7 Hardcover
  • 978-1-4602-6276-4 Paperback
  • 978-1-4602-6277-1 eBook

Crime Spree, Mistaken Identity, Humour, Adventure, Apocalypse, Canadian, Road Trip

Remy's Dilemma
by Andrew Snook

The world is coming to an end. That’s what Remy Delemme believes, anyways. While double-checking his lifelong to-do list to ensure he has led a rich life, he realizes he hasn’t come close to completing his goals. Panicked and short on time, Remy embarks on a chaotic road trip to complete the most important item on his bucket list – finding the answer to man’s greatest question. There’s just one problem. Detective Tobias Gray, the most respected criminal profiler in the Toronto Police Department, thinks Remy is a serial killer; and he’s not the only one who has come to that conclusion. Armed with a green crayon, smiley-faced stamp and a pack of cigarettes in a race against time, Remy carves a path of hilarious destruction, baffling and infuriating the police, his government and every other person he encounters.

Andrew Snook photo

Andrew Snook is a professional writer and editor based in his hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. His passion for absorbing Canadian culture has fuelled his love for travelling across the country. He has only one goal in mind when writing fiction, and that is to make Canadians laugh out loud at inappropriate moments while shooting some sort of beverages out of their noses. Preferably, something not acidic. He’s caring like that.


Andrew Snook
Illustrations and cover art by
Pj Monfero

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