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adventure, fiction, picture book, Kenya, Africa, animals, crocodiles

Malo's Amazing Adventures!
Excitement Along The River
by Washington M. Osiro and Malo O. Pickett-Osiro

In this first episode of Malo’s Amazing Adventures!, our global explorer visits the village of Apondo, Kenya where his father was born and grew up as a little boy.

During the visit, Malo strikes an immediate friendship with his cousins Omondi and Omolo; friendships that allow him to experience village life through the eyes of his cousins; a life at once familiar yet remarkably different from what the young American is used to.

A day spent with his dad and his cousins herding the family’s livestock provides Malo with an experience of a lifetime.

“Andrew and Kiersten will not believe when I tell them about the day I spent with Omondi and Omolo looking after the animals,” Malo excitedly tells his dad.

“Maybe they will,” replies his dad.

Read on to find out what our young explorer discovers and experiences in the ‘simple and familiar’ plains of western Kenya while looking after the family’s livestock!

Washington Marlo Osiro was born in the village of Apondo, Nyanza Province, Kenya on December 20th, 1960.

Malo Otieno Pickett-Osiro was born in Tracy, California, United States on April 23rd, 2003 to a Kenyan father and an African-American mother Jestina Lorraine Pickett.

Mother, father and son all live in Northern California about an hour east of San Francisco.

Malo’s Amazing Adventures: Excitement Along The River is the first book in the series Malo’s Amazing Adventures co-written by father and son. The book and series details the questions Malo has asked his father, his mother and step-family (father, step-brothers and step-sisters) over the years.

Using the father’s experiences from his childhood and teenage years in Kenya and both parents’ adult lives in America, Malo’s Kenyan father and American mother do their best to answer and affirm their son’s trans-national and trans-racial questions on identity and sense of belonging.

The mostly hilarious and endearing interactions and dynamics between the diverse cast of characters: mother, father, son and step-family offer a milieu and window into relationships that are as rich, textured and as beautiful as the human race.


Washington M. Osiro
Malo O. Pickett-Osiro
Dania Mallette

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