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Marriage and family, Mind body connection, Healing, Complementary Care, Holistic medicine, Alternative medicine, Spirituality

A Heart for Healing
a Novel
by Ruth Thompson

Georgina has dreamed of being the fourth generation in her family to practice medicine ever since she was a little girl. Her medical school experience lasts a scant two years before she gets married and starts a family. Putting her husband’s and family’s needs first, Georgina puts her dreams on hold and raises three children, one of whom suffers from a mysterious health condition. Georgina loses faith in the medical profession when, over a few years, none of the doctors help her daughter get well.

When the children have grown, Georgina struggles with the decision of whether to return to medical school. In the end, she realizes her passions lie in alternative health. She moves in that direction, only to be faced with one obstacle after another. Her erstwhile supportive husband becomes resentful of the time and money she needs to invest in pursuing her dream, her father all but disowns her, and she struggles to find her niche in a profession limited by misconceptions at best and threatened by legal issues at worst.

Armed with a firm belief in alternative health, faith that she is responding to her calling in life, and the encouragement of a few supportive people, Georgina strives to balance family and career while becoming the healer of her childhood dreams.

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Ruth Thompson has been in private practice as a holistic nutritionist for seventeen years and worked in social work and community development for twenty-five years prior to that. She holds a BA in psychology, a Master of Social Work, and a diploma in Natural Nutrition. Thompson is also the author of You Can Be Well: The Holistic Nutrition Guide to a Healthy, Balanced Life, self-published in 2015.

Thompson lives in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with her husband Derek of thirty seven years, and their four-year-old doodle, Kermit. She has two adult children, a stepson and four grandchildren.


Ruth Thompson

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