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Ego, Emotion, Feelings, Intuition, Self-coaching, Self-esteem, Fulfilment

Core of Self
Activate your inner power and take charge through this proven, easy-to-learn model that lights your inner flame. by Kathy Glover Scott

Create a stronger, in-charge and more successful you through this easy-to-use yet profoundly life changing book. With this no-nonsense approach, you will immediately be able to:

Maximize your mind’s ability

Use your emotions to your advantage

Expand your intuition and use it with laser-like focus in your life

Activate your Head, Heart and Gut Instinct to work together

Start today to live successfully from your solid core of self. Be ‘Zen’ while the world whirls around you. Manifest the life that you desire and deserve. Live in charge through building your inner power and letting your Spirit soar!

It is essential for your inner flame to be seen. Then you live a genuine, successful and ever-expanding life from the one of a kind person you are and are meant to be. When you do this, you live from an unwavering core of self, enabling the life you desire and deserve. This book teaches you how.

Kathy Glover Scott M.S.W.

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Kathy Glover Scott M.S.W. has the rare ability to provide real insights and solutions for complex life issues. As a teacher, healer and facilitator, she is sought after for her ability to translate esoteric teachings so busy people can readily use their wisdom for problem-solving, personal growth and soul expansion. Kathy is one of North America’s most gifted teachers of the healing arts, psychotherapist, author and professional speaker with many credentials and thirty years’ experience. If you have worked or studied with her, you know she is grounded, educated, insightful and passionate about human potential. Kathy is able to take you to places in yourself and in the cosmos that you have only imagined. She is dedicated to assisting people in excavating and living their true soul self while having an abundant and joy-filled life.

She has the rare ability to take complex life issues and esoteric teachings and translate them so that people can readily use them in their own life. Kathy guides you as a catalyst for change while activating and attuning you to higher frequencies of love and light.


Kathy Glover Scott

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