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Bullying, Hockey, Step-families, Coming-Of-Age, Disasters at Niagara Falls, Team Sports, Revenge

by Joy Lynn Goddard

Lizzie loves playing hockey, despite being stuck on a boys’ team with teammates who treat her like dirt. When the weird kid on the team, Alex, helps Lizzie plot against her enemies, he never imagines the disastrous outcome – it begins with a dare and ends with Alex plunging headfirst into the Niagara Gorge.

Does he survive?

Faced with the roaring falls, the billowing mist and the darkness that fills the gorge, the rescue team almost gives up on Alex. But Lizzie doesn’t. Remembering the tunnels running under the falls, she risks everything to save him – even her life!

Dear Ms. Goddard:

Hello, my name is Lucas and I am writing to tell you about what I thought about your book, Daredevils. At first, I didn’t think I would like this book because I’m not really interested in hockey, but then I found out that the book wasn’t just about hockey. After I had finished the book, I was glad my teacher made me read it.

I enjoyed Daredevils because it has a good storyline and deals with real life issues such as bullying and peer pressure. There’s a kid in my class who is just like Trevor was in the book. He’s always doing mean stuff to my friend Kyle such as spitting on his pizza or making up mean stories about him.

I think you should write a sequel to Daredevils so we know how the kids at school get along afterwards and how Lizzie’s whole family gets along after the wedding. I got a question for you. Does Alex start going out with Lizzie?

Lucas, 14

Joy Lynn Goddard brings her vast experience in the classroom to the award-winning Daredevils, her first in a series of young adult novels filled with heart-stopping action and adventure. Her characters are composites of the many students she has taught from the "weirdo" to the "brain" to the "jock." Although she has written numerous news articles, short stories, a picture book and a middle-grade novel to date, her first love is for the young adult genre. Her latest, When Pigs Fly, will be published in the spring of 2015. Visit her website at


Joy Lynn Goddard

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