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Intentional living, codependency, motivation, depression, powerlessness, personal growth, self-improvement

The Quick Start for Building Emotional Muscle and Confidence
Book One
by John Mercer

Book One of Building Emotional Muscle and Confidence has all the fundamentals a person needs to understand how to step through chronic fears, doubts, and insecurity that have accumulated from past experiences.

Book One of Building Emotional Muscle and Confidence gives us a bridge between insecurity and confidence, between low self-esteem and a healthy self-pride, between fear and determination, and between inner storms and having peace-of-mind.

Book One of Building Emotional Muscle and Confidence will show a way of letting go of the past no matter what thoughts and feelings we have lived with and no matter how long or even why we have lived with them.

Book One of Building Emotional Muscle and Confidence makes the mechanics of the mind a simple thing to understand and that understanding gives us an awareness of how it is possible to make life so much better for ourselves.

"This book gave me closure about some things I never had a chance to ask my father", Nicole L. RMT,

"I finally saw how it was possible for me to improve my life" Bill P.

"Emotional Muscle - I finally got the real goods" Susan J.

John Mercer now enjoys a rich and full life in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

John wrote this book with an eye to what would have been of value to himself when he wanted so desperately to change but had no idea that it was even possible let along that there were some simple tools for the job. Being a carpenter, he probably should have guessed that there would have been tools for the job.

But the tools he found, and he found out how to use them, and they changed his life. In a paradoxical way, he is the same person he always was, and yet, he is completely different than he once was.

John discovered how to recreate himself and feel connected to the new person he was becoming; and his was not an uphill battle against his true nature of who he was but the the passionate excitement learning how to free himself of masochistic behaviour.

Life is tough, full of challenges, and can really do a number on us. What John has shown us is that with the right approach and tools we can bring ourselves around to no longer allowing it to be the boss of us.


John Mercer
Michael Wheal

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