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Spirituality, Personal Growth, Self Help, Meditation, Dreams, Psychic Energy, Psychology

1001 Doors
Book One by Mark Terrell

1001 DOORS is a book of thoughts, feelings, ideas and anecdotes, with some practical instruction. It is an exploration of the deeper human spirit, and the current challenges that spirit faces.

According to the author, there is a new paradigm afoot in the world and it will influence every aspect of our existence. By participating in the birth of that paradigm, in our own consciousness and in our approach to the world, a very positive, meaningful and life affirming future will be created for all of us and will manifest right here, right now.

The purpose of 1001 DOORS is to help readers find their own bridge and walk across it, into a new era for planet earth.

The theme of book one is, “I thought I was coming to the planet of love but landed in an ocean of fear. I decided to do something about it… and saw the blueprint for a magical new universe.”

Mark Terrell has been an adult educator for more than 25 years and has possessed a visionary spirit all of his life. He specializes in New Spirituality which is an alchemical re-working of the world’s spiritual, psychological, ethical and ecological traditions into one dynamic, universally applicable whole.

He calls 1001 DOORS a Knowledge Tree, and an exploration of human consciousness, in three volumes. It is designed to be read, studied, experienced... and acted upon.


Mark Terrell

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