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Gender identification, Lesbian relationships, San Francisco gay scene, Mid-life realizations – personal growth, Career success or failure, Honesty in relationships

Caroline Starts Over
by Randi M. Sherman

After eighteen years of feigning contentment in an unfulfilling marriage, forty-eight year old Caroline Matthews is finally liberated when her husband dies suddenly. Caroline is determined to reclaim her life and attempts to turn back the clock to a time when she was carefree. Getting back her life isn’t as easy as Caroline had hoped. She’s two decades older, socially out of practice, and has nineteen-year-old twin daughters who don’t know about her past. Caroline orchestrates a reunion with a former lesbian lover, Rachel, whom she had a devastating break up with before marrying her late husband. Both curious, slightly shop-worn and lonely, the women foolishly rekindle their relationship. Old habits and buried feelings resurface as they attempt to navigate through this misguided romance.

Is Caroline really as desperate as she seems? And did she play any part in the death of her husband?

With her tremendous grasp of the obvious, Randi Sherman finds the humor in everyday life, people, differences and eccentricities. Publishing Caroline Starts Over, with its (some-say) daring subject matter, a humorous lesbian romance, is a risk that Randi wanted to take. Randi Sherman lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and dedicates her books to her supportive and loving wife, Carol. Caroline Starts Over is Randi’s second novel; her first, Paula Takes a Risk, was published in 2012.


Randi M. Sherman

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