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Natural history,Ecosystems & habitats, Nature, Educational, Art, Red Pines on the Ridge, Foxes on the Ridge, Pavlicks' Passages, Life sciences.

Aspens on the Ridge
by Leon E. Pavlick & Ann M. Pavlick

Similar to the genre of Red Pines and Foxes, Aspens on the Ridge describes natural history of the North American plains and prairies from the ice age to the present.

Leon E. Pavlick (1939 – 2003) was Curator of Botany at the Royal

British Columbia Museum for almost two decades. He was an

internationally recognized plant and tree expert. He graduated

from the University of Victoria, British Columbia with a Bachelor

of Science (Honours Botany) degree, and followed that with a

Master of Science, Botany (Honours) degree from Washington

State University. Leon was recognized for his work by the governments

of British Columbia, Canada and the United States.

Leon was humbled when invited to join the Sigma Xi Society,

the international, multidisciplinary research society which

honours scientific achievement. He was included in the American

Biographical Institute 2004 edition of “Great Minds of the

21st Century” and received the International Cultural Diploma

of Honour.

Further accomplishments can be accessed on the web: Google

Leon E Pavlick Botanist

Ann Marie Pavlick, the anonymous someone on pg. 35 of the

original Red Pines, was a special education teacher who contributed

the “delights” in the Ridge series books. Recently she was

accepted for membership by the Arts Council of Greater Victoria.

Lissa Calvert’s work hangs in museums and galleries internationally,

and she has had numerous exhibits. However, she has

maintained a fascination with nature that draws her to portray

its complexity and harmony from first-hand experience. Her work

can be viewed on the web at


Leon E. Pavlick & Ann M. Pavlick

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