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  • Drawn In

    An Illustrated Garden Tour by

    The garden is an ever-evolving story unfolding through the seasons from spring heralded by the bloom of delicate flowers and pale leaves unfurling to winter’s eventual wind down. Author and illustrator Alison Syer captures these moments in Drawn In: ...

  • Up Close and Personal

    The Equine Paintings by

    In this equine painting series by Nancy B Frank, the images explore the sometimes troubled, sometimes harmonious, relationship between horse and human. Frank also delves into her artistic journey and some of her own relationships with horses she's ...

  • Stanza's Flowers and Butterflies Alphabet


    As part of a series of artworks, Stanza painted an ink and watercolour illustration of the letter A in which the name of the flower and the butterfly began with A; the result was beautiful and inspiring. This led to the letter B and a year later the ...

  • One With Nature

    The act of being part of your environment, without harming it. by

    One man’s real life experiences with wildlife and nature, which inspired the paintings within. The short stories in this book will make you laugh, think and maybe even cry, as it has near death adventures and heart touching moments. You will find ...

  • Aspens on the Ridge


    Similar to the genre of Red Pines and Foxes, Aspens on the Ridge describes natural history of the North American plains and prairies from the ice age to the present.