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Paris, Christian Prophecy, Satanism, Rome, Established Society, Mystery, Media Manipulation

Imagery: The Day Before
by Willard Payne

Horrific description and portrayal of the world after World War III. A world of global militarism, universally popular amidst displays of highly visual electronic religious ceremonies, initiations conducted on a world-wide scale designed to display the new enlightenment. The world being led by the most glorious-god like leaders in history especially in Rome

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International affairs analyst. Operator of the site Member of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs

The author attended and graduated from Western Illinois University from 1968-72 with a degree in History. He is a student of economic history and concentrated on East-West Trade, East-West Industrial Cooperation, the massive industrial investment business groups in the West were making in the rebuilding of the entire Soviet Bloc after World War II. Communism was used to provide inexpensive labor and labor strikes in communist countries were illegal.


Willard Payne

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