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Poetry, romance, nature, time, eternity, animals, flowers, lyrics, rhymes, love, compiled works

The Secret Key
A Collection of Poems
by Alice Miaolian Baskous

The Secret Key is a collection of poems in many different styles

and forms, on a variety of topics, from love to nature to science;

it’s very thorough and dense, and should probably be

good reading for every season - a work for people of every

age! Poetry is about celebration, and so is The Secret Key, employing

ways that are traditional to tactics that are more free

and modern in order to convey a gamut of sentiments and

theories, meant to be both intimate and public. This book is

intended to provide nourishment for the senses and for the

soul likewise; it holds meaning as well as any diary; and it

should entertain and please all those approaching it with a

pure poetry-loving mind, as well as an open, appreciative, and

interested spirit.

I, Alice Miaolian Baskous, am a student of French Literature enrolled in Hunter College in the city and state of New York. I’m an avid poet and aspire, as well, to be a novelist and playwright. New York is a good place for inspiration, since it is full of people and landmarks, school’s a great institution, there are plenty of parks and animals, and there are lots of opportunities to meet new friends.


Alice Miaolian Baskous

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