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Young Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance, High School, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Fairytales, Malions.

Beneath the Surface
A Malion Novel
by Miranda Rae Carter

Adolescence hasn’t been fun for Liss Lawrence. And after a year in Vancouver, when she’s finally adjusted to her new situation, a freak car accident sends her life spinning out of control and crashing into the world of the malions, a hidden race silently helping humanity from secret enclaves underground.

Liss’s knowledge of the malions endangers her family when Jaredsons Securities takes an interest in her accident. Few know the men of Jaredsons Securities, an international intelligence company specializing in missing persons cases, are actually the Vykhars, ancient malion enemies whose true purpose is the eradication of the malion race. The Vykhars will stop at nothing to find out if Liss is connected with the malions, and if they do, they will exploit her.

Perhaps more dangerous still are Liss’s growing feelings for Rion, a strong-willed malion scarred by his encounters with Vykhars and carrying a secret that could destroy their relationship. But Liss has a secret and scars of her own, and Rion’s fiercely protective nature threatens to tear them back open.

Can this pair of unlikely lovers survive the dangers of the Vykhars? And can their love survive their own misconceptions?

Winner of the 2012 Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s “Ignite the Flame” contest in the young adult category.

Miranda has lived in British Columbia her whole life, and is a self-proclaimed home-bug. She spends most of her time doing what she loves, and that is being a mom and wife—and trying to master the art of cooking. The rest of her time is divided between looking in mouths and writing. For more information on Miranda Rae Carter and her malion novels, visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website at


Miranda Rae Carter
Jessica Lowdon
Copy Editor
Micheline Brodeur, Purple Pen Editing

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