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poetry, biographical, Leon E. Pavlick, "Ridge" trilogy, creative writing, nature, educational

Pavlicks' Passages
by Ann M. Pavlick

Pavlicks' Passages presents a biography of Leon and Ann Pavlick in unique poetic format. Significant events in their lives are interwoven throughout the poetry to produce an absorbing narrative about these gifted people.

If you enjoyed the selected poetry in Pavlicks’ Passages, you may wish to follow up with the poetic prose of the books of the “Ridge” trilogy.

Red Pines on the Ridge was described as a “treasure house of easily understood natural history” by H. H. Iltis, Professor of Botany, University of Wisconsin. The Canadian Book Review Annual and CM Canadian Review of Materials accorded Red Pines, 2nd Edition highly favorable reviews.

Foxes on the Ridge (young readers) and Aspens on the Ridge (advanced readers) complement the mid-level of Red Pines. Each connects with their audience through vivid imagery, natural science and history. The superb illustrations of renowned nature artist Lissa Calvert in all three books will enchant the reader.

If you are looking for books to inform, entertain and appeal emotionally, you will not be disappointed in this trilogy.

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Ann Marie Pavlick, born in 1942, grew up with siblings MaryLou and Loretta in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has always had a unique affinity for children, but especially for those with special needs. As a result, she became involved with the Peabody Language Development program — which later became the subject of a CBC TV special.

In 1982, Ann Marie suffered a brain injury from a car accident which tragically resulted in life-altering discrimination and abuse. She feels compelled to publicize the injustices inflicted upon the brain injured and consequently has dedicated the “Ridge” books to help those with an acquired brain injury (ABI).

Her son Fred and his wife Lisa, along with their children Dane and Jennifer, remain her source of strength and joy.


Ann M. Pavlick

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