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Grayson and the Crumbly, Grumbly, Rumbly Cookie cover

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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Cookies, Ice Cream, Snacks, Imagination, Children’s Stories, Bedtime Stories, Appetite

Grayson and the Crumbly, Grumbly, Rumbly Cookie
What is a big, filling, special cookie doing in Grayson's tummy? by Barboria Bjarne

What is a big, filling, special cookie doing in Grayson's tummy?

Crumbling, grumbling and rumbling, that's what.

'Grayson and the Crumbly, Grumbly, Rumbly Cookie' tells the story of a little boy named Grayson who likes to eat cookies and ice cream. One day he eats a cookie, and when he asks for another one, he hears a voice. Every time he asks for another cookie, the voice tells him that there is room for only one big, filling, special cookie in his tummy. Then Grayson remembers that he also likes ice cream. He eats a scoop of the tasty, yummy, cool treat and... there is no more crumbling, grumbling, or rumbling.

Beginning readers and parents of preschoolers will enjoy reading this simple story about two favourite treats for children - a noisy big cookie and a gentle little scoop of ice cream. The cheerful illustrations add to the charm of the crumbly tale.

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Barboria Bjarne is a freelance writer and artist. When not writing or painting, she works on her urban homestead. 'Grayson and the Crumbly, Grumbly, Rumbly Cookie ' is her second picture book, this time written in prose and accompanied by delightful illustrations in gouache. She also wrote and illustrated 'Quanny and Danny', her first picture book in verse about a cute little puppy, raised by a goose.

Barboria lives with her family in Alberta. You can visit her online at


Barboria Bjarne
Barboria Bjarne

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