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Fish Don't Climb Trees
A Whole New Look at Dyslexia: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges - Enjoying the Gift
by Sue Blyth Hall

2020 Edition Everyone is learning able, some individuals just don’t learn the way they are taught. If you have just discovered you or your child might be dyslexic, or so-called learning disabled, I offer five Rs: REALISE what you are dealing with, what your choices are, and how to enjoy your full potential. Observe the ROAD TESTING of my chosen method. RESONATE with dyslexic challenges and talents, because I’m only telling you what you know already on some level. Recognise the REALITY, what you need to hold onto and what you can let go of. Find RELIEF that neither you, nor your child is disabled, and that our education system will be changing, not them.

This book is a 'must read' for anyone that is, or has a loved one, that is dyslexic. Ronald D. Davis, author of The Gift of Dyslexia Author Sue Hall understands dyslexia from the inside out – Abigail Marshall, author, The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Dyslexia and When Your Child has … Dyslexia With infectious warmth and genuine passion, Sue challenges us to completely change our perspective on dyslexia. Robin Temple, author Dyslexia: Your Child Sue, I know you to be a brilliantly positive woman of great good heart, who is kind, energetic, creative and that you have the power to greet people as they really are, as individuals, who happen to have dyslexia, with the various gifts and accompanying characteristics. The more I think about it, the more I know how much I believe in you and your ability to shepherd positivity and educational reform. Patti Bosomworth, Integrative Clinical Counsellor Sue has penned an authoritative, passionate, and authentic work on the experience of the dyslexic individual from the perspective of one who has lived it on every level... she writes in a conversational, upbeat, and energetic tone that clearly expresses her interest, talent, compassion, and creativity… She is simultaneously well-grounded and informed …and points out convincingly that… children entering Kindergarten and moving through to graduation will be intellectually, emotionally and creatively hindered without informed and determined advocacy and support. Renée Layberry, Editor

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Sue's professional training began experientially at school, and at the age of 18, she remembers promising herself that she would never read another book as long as she lived. It was a solemn heartfelt promise that lasted many years. She worked as a secretary before changing direction to train as an integrative health therapist. Her son’s learning challenges were obvious by the age of 8; but she didn’t discover her own dyslexia until she trained as a Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator with Ronald D. Davis in the UK; nearer to 48 years old. She emigrated to Canada in 1998, and is one of over 400 Facilitators worldwide. For the past fifteen years, Sue has felt privileged to be working with dyslexic children and adults, sharing in their “aha” moments, and watching them overcome their challenges. She is totally dedicated to this approach, knowing it addresses the cause of the challenges. Sue has delivered numerous information sessions, given Professional Development Day presentations, and appeared on Breakfast TV and CKN Radio. In 2002 she founded a non-profit society to improve the understanding of dyslexia via a significant outreach program, to fund bursaries for Davis correction programs, to prevent the challenges from arising, and to sustain a community of like-minded individuals. She is inspired by the realization that our children are here to restore balance and create a new paradigm in education.


Sue Blyth Hall

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